The Summer Course program was held on 9 August 2022 – 20 August 2022 at the Faculty of Agriculture, Brawijaya University. The purpose of holding this program was to open links between foreign students to learn more about agroecosystem and agroecology biophysical aspects. This program was attended by students from Brawijaya University, IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia), Thai Nguyen University, and Wageningen University. The total participants of this program were 69 students, both online and offline participants.

9 August 2022: The first day of this program began with an introduction to the course filled by Dr. Sujarwo, SP., MP. As vice dean of academic affairs, Dr. Uma Khumairoh, SP., M.Sc. as chief committee, Dr. Heitor Mancini T as lecturer (Introduction to Habitat Management), Dr. Georges Felix as lecturer (Introduction to Agroecology), and Dr. Yodit Kabede as lecturer (Introduction to Soil Assessment).

10 August 2022: The speakers on 10 August 2022 were Prof. Paul Kristinsen (Weed Management), Dr. Yodit Kabede (Pest and Habitat Management), and Dr. Georges Felix (Nutrient Cycling).

11 August 2022: Activities on 11 August 2022 were held in Cangar, Batu. The activities were filled with collecting and identifying samples of weeds and pests in the orchard (Apple). This sample collection was guided by Dr. Yodit Kabede as lecturer. The students were also invited to the greenhouse to measure the plants.

12 August 2022: The speakers on 12 August 2022 were Thomas van Rossum, M.Sc. (Circular Economy), Dr. Rica Joy Flor (Survey Methods), Jurgen Nagel, M.Sc. (Stakeholders), Dr. Yongran Ji (Green House Horticulture), and Ricky Teng Sugiarto, M.Sc. (Agriculture Start-up).

12-13 August 2022: This program was not only filled with lectures in class and in the field, but also interactive activities, namely the Bromo Tour. Bromo Tour was held in Mount Bromo, which is an active somma volcano and part of the Tengger mountains, in East JavaIndonesia.

15 August 2022: Activities on 15 August 2022 were held at UB Forest, Ngijo, Karangploso. The activities were filled with conducting visual soil assessments and farmer interviews.

16 and 18 August 2022: Activities on 16 August 2022 and 18 August 2022 were group work to prepare the final presentation of the summer course program.

17 August 2022: Coinciding with Indonesia’s independence day, activities on 17 August 2022 were commemorating Indonesia’s independence day by holding fun games, such as global quiz competitions, triathlon competitions, and intercultural video competitions.

19 August 2022: Acivities on 19 August 2022 were the presentation of the results of group work during the summer course as the final exam of this program.

20 August 2022: Closing program.



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