By 2025, the Faculty of Agriculture will be know as a leading and internationally standardized higher education institution that plays an active role in the development of science and technology, the sustainable management of natural resources, and development of agribusiness management.


  1. To encourage the moral value and awareness to manage the agricultural and environmental sector as respecting to GOD creation
  2. To implement and develop an international standard of educational process in competence, and have good ethics
  3. To integrate the teaching and learning process with interdisciplinary in sustainable agriculture sector as well as disseminate science and technology to improve socio-economics value


In line with the vision and missions, the goals of Faculty of Agriculture-University of Brawijaya are stated below:

  1. To produce agriculture graduates who are profesional, competent, ethical as well as having strong work ethos and able to competence at international level
  2. To develop the science and technology of sustainable agriculture and agribusiness management
  3. To promote the community empowerment through the application of science and technology in sustainable agriculture and agribusiness management.