TUAF (Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry) has 24 educational training programs for undergraduates, 10 master and 8 doctoral programs. Up to present, there have been 48 academic courses in which students successfully graduated from university with more than 50.000 students holding bachelor of engineering, nearly 4000 master and doctoral students. In recent years, the University has been always evaluated as the leading centre of educational training and science and technology transferring in the fields of agriculture, forestry, natural resources and environment management for the Midlands and Northern mountainous areas in the country.

This university was the target of the Asean Youth Camp which was held by the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya in December for four days. This activity began with “Introduction to Advanced Education Programs and TUAF” so that participants would know more about the host university.

The participants also learned a lot about “Entrepreneurship”, “Climate Smart Agriculture and Sustainability, Environmental Science and Management”, and “Circular Economy”. The Asean Youth Camp activity was also supported by the excitement of learning Vietnamese culture by visiting the Vietnamese Culture and Ethnicity Museum and Ba Vi National Park.


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